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Short Term Vacation Rental Property Addendum to Vacation Rental Contract

Guest Occupancy Terms & Conditions / January-December 2017

Terms Subject To Change Without Notice


~~ All properties represented by Longview Realty are individually owned and furnished to the needs of the owner. Owner’s personal property must be respected by contract. Longview Realty represents the owner(s) of the property(s) in a client/agency relationship. The terms Guest(s) & Tenant(s) are used interchangeably and are defined as the principal party(s) renting a vacation property and those accompanying the principal party. Please review Terms and Conditions of occupancy as these terms apply to all properties. Terms and Conditions are not subject to any modification. A Guest Book is provided at each home with specifics to the home such as electric panel/water shutoff/ fire extinguisher location, trash disposal, conditions of use, and area attractions.


No House Parties:  All properties offered by Longview Realty are for families, small intimate groups and quiet relaxed gatherings.



A Vacation Rental Agreement (contract) under the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act shall be signed prior to releasing a home to tenants. Your signature on the Vacation Rental Agreement indicates that you have read the entire Contract and this Addendum (Guest Policy) and that you are agreeing to all terms and conditions stated.

Total Rental Rate (plus pet fee if applicable)

NC State tax adds 6.75% to the total charges.

Rutherford County adds Occupancy tax of 5% for Total Tax Rate of 11.75%

Damage Insurance Policy of $45.00 or $69.00 required for each rental (non-refundable)

Departure Cleaning Fee which is subject to tax at 11.75%


All extra fees noted in our Guest Policy are avoidable by being respectful of our vacation homes and by following our simple requests. The cleaning fee charged is to prepare the home for guest’s arrival; we do not offer nor provide any type of maid service in our rental contract.


We are unable to accommodate check-in arrivals on Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. You must plan to arrive the day before or after.



Reservations require an initial 50% of the total nightly rate which is applied toward the entire reservation. Upon receipt of initial reservation deposit, a confirmation will be emailed to the principal party named on the reservation.


Final payments are due no later than 30 days prior to arrival.  If a rental period is within 30 days of arrival, full payment is required at booking. A courtesy email will be sent informing the party named on the reservation the balance due has been charged to their card. All funds received are deposited in a non-interest bearing trust account at BB&T Bank, Rutherfordton, NC until disbursement.


All rates quoted by Longview Realty are amounts payable by cash, check, or credit card in U.S. funds. Longview Realty accepts MasterCard, Discover, and Visa credit cards.


Although cleaning fees are included in rates, guests are responsible for leaving the property in good order before departure. Guest shall leave all doors and windows locked and make sure the heat is set at 55 degrees in winter and air conditioning is set at 80 degrees in summer. All lights are to be turned off upon departure. Re-arranging of any furniture or taking outdoors, or furnishings, is not allowed. $75.00 fee charged to credit card on file to restore furniture to proper location.

With limited time available between guests, guests shall complete the following:

See the Check Out Procedures page in the homes “Welcome to” Guest Book.

Wash and put away all clean dishes including those in dishwasher.
Appliances, counters and other surfaces must be wiped clean. Check that coffee pot is turned off. Sweep floors of food or debris.

Remove all opened food and trash from home. Place trash in sealed and tied plastic bags (13 gallon size or larger) in proper receptacle(s) in designated area. Wal-Mart bags are not suitable.

Riverbend Guests: Trash must be left in the dumpsters located at the intersection of Sparrows Way and Rainbow Circle near the bridge on the north side entrance.

For homes outside of Riverbend, please refer to the Guest Book located at each home for specific instructions for disposal. Any loose trash that results in having to be bagged for removal and disposal will result in a minimum $45.00 fee charged to credit card on file. It is, at Longview Realty discretion, to charge up to 2 times stated cleaning fee for excessive cleaning depending on the overall condition the home was left in.

Once the home is occupied the cleaning fee is non-refundable.


A non-refundable Damage Insurance Policy is applied to each rental; the fee is dependent on which home is rented. The policy is intended to protect guests from costs incurred from accidental damages to the leased premises during occupancy. In order to administer claims, Longview Realty shall be notified during occupancy and prior to check-out of any accidental damage. Please report any problems or damages observed in the rental property upon check-in. Any unreported problems and/or damages are assumed to have occurred during occupancy and guest shall be held responsible for those damages. If damages to the home or property exceed the limit of the policy, upon notification to you, the remainder of the cost will be charged to the credit card on file. Theft of any property from the home will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Longview Realty DOES NOT offer this type of insurance. Renters bear full responsibility should this insurance be selected and on company chosen. We are neutral in your decision and will not recommend any carriers. As you read through our Guest Policy, note we DO NOT offer any refunds for inclement weather, road conditions to vacation home, fear of heights. or family emergencies.


If a confirmed reservation is cancelled 30 days prior to arrival, a cancellation processing fee of $75.00 will be charged against funds received and remaining monies will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days prior to arrival, all funds received will be forfeited, unless the property can be re-rented for the cancelled period. If the home is not re-rented for the entire rental period but for a segment of the time, a pro-rated refund would be issued. Any monies to be refunded will be closed on the 15th of the month following the last day of cancelled period, less the $75.00 cancellation fee.

Note: We DO NOT offer any refunds for inclement weather, road conditions to vacation home, fear of heights, or family emergencies. Other exemptions noted throughout Guest Policy.

Third Party Bookings through VRBO do not qualify for this refund policy. Furthermore, if booking took place through any third-party booking site, such as VRBO, Home Away  etc and their card processor YapStone, they are not a party to the agreement between the guest and Longview Realty LLC. Furthermore, Longview Realty LLC is not responsible for collecting nor refunding any monies paid to that third party site. The Service Fee they charged at booking is solely for their benefit. Please visit VRBO, Home Away and YapStone website for more info.

8. PETS:

If pets are allowed there will be a non-refundable pet fee applied to reservation. Pet fees depend on terms. No pets are allowed without contract agreement. If pets are allowed, Longview Realty reserves the right to ask number of and breed of dog(s).  Guests must abide by local pet regulations and pets are to be leashed at all times when being walked. Do not leave pets unattended on porches, decks, or in fenced in yards should you leave the home.  Owners are responsible to have pets shot record up to date and have available to show if asked. Longview Realty reserves the right to bill guests for any pet related damage or clean-up of pet debris upon departure. Guests (including visitors) who bring pets to non-pet friendly properties or are not registered per contract will be subject to pet fees, additional house cleaning fees, and at Longview Realty discretion immediate removal from property with no refund. Sorry, cats are not allowed at any of our homes.

9. CHECK-IN TIME (4:00 PM):

***NO early check in granted June–August or during Holidays***

Check-in takes place at the Longview Realty office, 110 Bills Creek Road, Lake Lure, NC 28746. If a guest is to arrive after 4:00 pm, please refer to check in instructions provided via email with your contract. Guests shall not proceed to the rental property, including driveways, beach area, or docks prior to check in. Longview Realty makes every effort to prepare all homes for occupancy by 4:00 pm; however, in some instances it may be necessary to delay occupancy until the home has been properly cleaned or until necessary emergency maintenance is completed. No adjustment in rate or refund will be given for any delay.

  1. CHECK-OUT TIME (10:30 AM**):

***NO late check out granted June–August or during Holidays***

Guest will be charged one additional day rental if property is not vacated by check-out time. All property keys must be returned to our office at 110 Bills Creek Road, Lake Lure, NC 28746. No keys are to be left in the homes upon departure. There is a $25.00 charge to credit card on file for lost or keys/security keypads not returned to Longview Realty office.

**10:00 AM Check-Out Time for 4 Bear Pause, Cedar Rock Cabin, Grace Rock, Livin’ Lodge, and Lured Inn.


Accommodations range from luxury homes to very basic cottages. All properties are privately owned, individually furnished and equipped for housekeeping with basic items such as pillows, bed linens, towels, blankets, cookware, flatware and dishes.  An initial set up of paper products such as toilet paper, paper towel at kitchen sink, and garbage bags are provided.  Ingles Supermarket on Route 9 in Lake Lure is well stocked for personal needs, additional paper products, garbage bags, dish washing/laundry soap. Other small appliances, beach chairs, radio, fans, may or may not be provided.  Longview Realty is unable to provide additional blankets, pillows, pack-n-play, various furnishings or appliances.


Guest acknowledges that the rental property may not be sublet. Subleasing shall immediately void any rental agreement and immediate removal from the property without refund due to guest.


All homes available through Longview Realty LLC for vacation rental are for families, small intimate groups, and quiet gatherings. All of our homes are interspersed with full time residents. Minimum age restrictions are required for rental.  Vacation properties are limited to the maximum permitted occupancy. Overnight guests (8:00 pm – 8:00 am) are limited to the maximum occupancy limits and includes all adults and children. Tenants shall stay on property of rental and not trespass on others nor use any watercraft not provided with rental. Use shall be considered theft.


House parties and large gatherings exceeding maximum permitted occupancy are prohibited and shall result in guest’s immediate removal with no refund due to guest.


NOTE: Complaints received regarding a party house atmosphere will result in immediate eviction if vacation property is used as such per NC Expedited Eviction Procedures.

Quiet hours at all Longview Realty Vacation homes are 9:00 pm to 8:00 am.

All of our homes are interspersed with full time residents who understand your need to relax and are happy you have chosen the Lake Lure area but please be respectful to all.

For guest’s enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, please respect quiet time from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am. Please note voices travel great distances with homes on the water and in wooded lots. Per Longview Realty Guest Policy (and part of Rental Contract for reservation) Quiet Time is enforced in the Riverbend Community by Riverbend Security Group POA. For homes outside of Riverbend, enforcement is provided per community bylaws the home is located in or per Town of Lake Lure Code. All are enforced 24/7. Failure to follow these rules shall be considered breach of contract and void rental agreement. Upon notice from Longview Realty and/or Riverbend Security Group POA, along with Lake Lure Police Department, we shall require all guests to vacate the home and private property without any refund to guest. Plus additional fees will be applied for extra house cleaning, trash removal etc. as you will only be allowed to gather personal belongings, thus not leaving the home in the condition as stated for departure in the Guest Policy/Rental Contract signed.


Many homeowners maintain either a locked closet and/or utility room for personal property storage. Guest(s) shall respect these areas. Do not attempt to open them. Any damage will be directly billed to guest(s) credit card on file as this is considered a willful act, not covered under the Damage Insurance Policy.


Most of our homes in our location are on a well and septic system. Septic systems will clog if improper materials are flushed away. Feminine products and baby wipes are notorious for problems. Please use trash containers for disposal.  Rental properties have varying water quality, and may be different than most guests are accustomed to drinking at home. Most of the rentals are either on a well or city water. Private well may occasionally have a harmless yet distinct order.


Campers, motor homes or the use of tents on rental property is prohibited. Sorry, no exceptions.


All rental properties are equipped with TV’s. When TV’s are provided, they are listed on the property listing sheet. Reception in the Lake Lure area is limited and available only with cable or satellite service. Cable service varies depending on what package the owner purchased for their home. Please contact Longview Realty with any television issues.


Some properties are equipped with telephones for local calls only. They are not setup for computer usage. Long distance calls must be charged to guest’s credit card, calling card or made on a collect basis. No dial-up for computers. WI-FI access differs from rental to rental property.

  1. HOT TUBS:

Some of our vacation homes come with this amenity.  The Guest Book at these homes has instructions for safe operation.  Any visit to the home to correct any issues created, any damages, or extra cleaning will result in a $100.00 fee charged to credit card on file per unit. DO NOT OVERFILL. Water is at proper level upon your arrival.


Gas and charcoal grills have been increasingly difficult to maintain due to abuse and failure to clean by previous tenants.  As such, a $15.00 fee is now imposed on any tenant who does not properly clean a grill prior to departure. Cleaning is nothing more than cleaning grates of food and spilled liquids. Charcoal ash is to be placed in small metal can provided. We will dispose of ash. If you run out of propane gas for the grill, please notify Longview Realty immediately for a replacement tank. Should you decide to exchange, please bring empty tank to either Ingles Grocery store or Bills Creek Hardware on Bills Creek Rd, north of our office for new. Present receipt to Longview Realty for reimbursement.


Campfires are prohibited in Riverbend. Sorry, no exceptions. Homes outside of Riverbend Community may or may not have fire pits. Use extreme caution. Renters are liable for all damage.


Under no circumstances are fireplaces to be used while the air-conditioning is running. Do not burn paper, trash, wood, pine cones, or brush collected from outdoors. Dampers must be opened while wood burning fireplace is used. Gas fireplaces are vent free and do not require opening of damper.  Do not empty burnt wood into the yard or attempt to clean the fireplace. There will be a $50.00 fee charged to credit card on file if any of these rules are not followed.


Do not overload the refrigerator upon arrival. Please allow adequate time for the home to cool. Only increase thermostat one (1) degree every 15 minutes in order to avoid freezing the coils. Mechanical failures of air conditioning or heating system, hot water tank, pools, hot tubs, fireplaces, or any appliance that fails to operate properly during your stay are beyond our control and no refund or rent reduction will be given. Power outages occur frequently in the mountains. No refunds will be issued for disruptions of any utilities including but not limited to electric, water, telephone, and satellite/internet/cable service. Longview Realty will use its best efforts to have these failures corrected as soon as possible once notified. Please note we cannot control the scheduling of outside service contractors. Longview Realty shall have the right to arrange, inspect, and make repairs during rental period. Tenant will be charged for unnecessary maintenance and service calls or repairs caused by abuse beyond normal wear and tear.


Due to our mountainous and lake region of rental homes, we do not issue refunds for unwanted pests on the premises such as, but not limited to, bugs, ants, mice, snakes, geckos, bears, raccoon, and bats. Notify Longview Realty of any unusual problems with pests. We will contact local Pest Control Company as soon as we are notified. Please note we do not have any control over the scheduling of work by these companies.


From winter to spring, major lake levels vary up to eight (8) feet due to the Town of Lake Lure draining the lake for dredging and maintenance needs. This will affect beach size, launching area and water depths. Sorry, No Refunds will be made for inclement weather, changes in beach sizes, launching areas or water depths. Check with the Town of Lake Lure if this is of concern to you.


Some of our vacation homes come with these types of watercraft for responsible use. The Guest Book at these homes has instructions for securing upon departure. There will be a $50.00 fee charged per boat to credit card on file if Longview Realty has to secure and stow these properly.


As our area continues to grow, we cannot predict when or where new construction will begin. Longview Realty has no control in these situations, and cannot move or offer refunds on confirmed reservations if construction occurs near the property being occupied for rental purposes.


Each rental property is privately owned and reflects the owner’s personal taste. Each property is represented by Longview Realty as realistically as possible with regard to space, physical size and comparison.


Some individual communities and associations have rules and regulations that become part of the guests Terms and Conditions of Occupancy. Community rules that apply are provided to tenant in a Guest Book located at each rental home or may be requested prior to occupancy. The Guest Book also has information specific to the home. Guests should familiarize themselves with this information to alleviate any extra charges levied by non-compliance.


For all homes within the Riverbend Community, there is a 3 vehicle limit at all vacation rental homes. Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas on the vacation property rented. Parking in any roadway or parking on neighboring properties whether occupied or not is strictly prohibited. No trailers of any kind are allowed at the rental property. Excess vehicles and trailers must be parked in the parking area alongside the Guard House. Space is limited.  Motorcycles are allowed, but be advised all roads are packed gravel. For homes in Rumbling Bald Resort, motorcycles are not permitted. For homes on private setting, please check on number of vehicles allowed as driveway/parking areas vary.


If the rental property becomes unavailable or uninhabitable, Longview Realty reserves the right to move a guest to a comparable location accommodating the same number of persons and within the same price range. Longview Realty cannot guarantee availability or comparability of other properties. Owner and Longview Realty are not liable for any acts of nature or major mechanical failure that would prohibit or limit the use of a property.


Longview Realty has taken great effort to ensure the information in our brochure; website and all of our printed material are accurate. We cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or change in prices. All rental properties are privately owned and their furnishings vary depending upon the owner’s taste. Longview Realty cannot guarantee the presence of particular listed furnishings because they may change from time to time depending on the owner’s taste.


Guest(s) hereby agree(s) to hold and save harmless Longview Realty, their employees, and the property owner(s)  from damages or injuries to personal property by reason of any cause whatsoever, either in or about the occupied property or elsewhere.


Longview Realty represents the property owner(s). Longview Realty will make every effort to assist guest(s). Longview Realty is a vacation home rental company and the management of the property is the sole responsibility of the Owner(s).


The guest whose name appears on the confirmation is responsible for all terms and conditions set forth in this document for them and their guests they have visiting or staying at the vacation rental property during their term of occupancy. By signing our Vacation Rental Agreement (contract), Longview Realty is authorized to charge any extra fees for non-compliance to your credit card on file.


When guest(s) violate(s) any of the terms of occupancy, property rules, community rules or regulations, the guest(s) may be asked to vacate the property by Longview Realty and NO refund will be due to guest(s).


Please ensure you have removed all personal property prior to departure. We are not responsible for tenant’s failure to do so. Therefore, if you request us to package and return items left behind, there will be a $20.00 service charge in addition to packaging/postage charges applied to credit card on file. Any items not requested by guests 10 days after departure become property of Longview Realty. At this time Longview Realty shall determine to donate or discard any and all items.


We deeply value your privacy and will NEVER, under any circumstances, share your information with any other party. Longview Realty secures your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Longview Realty secures the personally identifiable information you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. When personal information (such as a credit card number) is transmitted, it is protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

And finally….Enjoy your stay here in beautiful North Carolina!

We wish to thank-you for vacationing with us.

Penny Beneway & Jeff Trost      Longview Realty LLC


110 Bills Creek Road      Lake Lure, North Carolina 28746